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Glen Waverley VIC 3150

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Acknowledge children's interdependence with others (family, a  
cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community) and  
the basis of relationships in defining identities.

•  Being  

Recognise the importance of the here and now in children's  

•  Becoming  

Reflect the process of rapid  and significant change that occurs  
in   the early years
We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people and Boon Wurrong clans of the Kulin Nations, as the original custodians of the land and that they have lived here for thousands of years.  We pay respect to their leaders, past, and present. We respect their relationship with the land and are committed to caring for this place and those who come here, now and in the future.

Child Safety is our highest priority and central to everything we do

Highvale Preschool is a community run kindergarten located in Glen Waverley established in 1972.

Our sessional preschool is located in a quiet suburban street near Springvale and High Street Roads. Our centre offers government funded 3 & 4 year old kindergarten programs.

Our preschool takes great pride in providing a caring and nurturing environment for your child to learn through a play based educational program.

All of our staff have many years of experience in early childhood education and are passionate about what they do.

You are always welcome to tour our preschool.
The Teachers and Educators are responsible for planning and implementing an appropriate educational program, for the welfare of the children in the centre and for the day to day running of the Preschool. The Educators have non-contact sessions during the week. ie. this is the time when your child is not at the preschool. During these sessions the Teachers and Educators prepare materials, plan the program, update written records, attend meetings and carry out many other duties needed to coordinate the centre. The Educators also present written reports to the management committee at the monthly meetings. Teachers attend regular regional Educators meetings throughout the year and conferences relating to preschool education.
Karen Chadwick
Supervisor, Educational Leader  & Teacher - 4 yr Group

"I was first a parent at Highvale Preschool, with both my children attending in the 3 and 4 year old groups. I have loved teaching for over 30 years (started at Highvale in 2006) and we have been so thrilled to create a wonderful environment for the children to learn and thrive. I love being with my family, 2 cats and our new puppy Lenny.
I love football. I barrack for the Kangaroos and go to the games with my Dad. Both my children, Mia and Bonnie, play too."
Christina Hu
Teacher - 3 yr Group

"I completed Master of Early Childhood Teaching at University of Melbourne in 2013. I have been working as an Early Childhood Teacher in various early childhood settings and started at Highvale Preschool in 2022. I share my passion for learning with the children and promote their development in a joyful play based environment. I speak Mandarin and enjoy the bilingual experiences in the program. Outside of preschool, I love spending time with my family, walking my dog and going swimming."
Bec Liakopoulos
Educator - 3 yr Group

"I have loved being part of the Highvale team from 2016, where I work with the 3 year old's, helping out occasionally with the 4's. I really enjoy our strong sense of community at Highvale and so love seeing families returning to us again to enrol their younger children. At home, I'm very busy with my teenage boys; we love to travel as a family and in my quiet moments, I'm a keen reader!"
Kris Lord
Educator - 4 yr Group

"After more than a decade working in corporate marketing, I was blessed to spend many years at home caring for my three children, who all have additional needs.  This period of my life sparked a new passion for nurturing children's learning and development.  I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Deakin University and have a particular interest in developing children's literacy and numeracy skills in fun and engaging ways.  My family and I are based in the leafy suburb of Belgrave where many possum and bird friends share our garden.
Les Kocsis
Educator - 4 yr Group

"I began my relationship with Highvale as a student in both the 3 and 4 year old groups  Many years later, I returned as an additional assistant in 2020 and 2021.
In 2022 I took the role on of an Educator with the 4 year old group.
Away from work I enjoy music, playing the Ukelele, gaming and being involved the Hungarian Scouts."
Tracy Yap
Educator - 3 yr Group

"I started at Highvale in 2020 and currently an Educator in the 3yr old group, I chose this career after my family's own positive experience of going to a Monash Council preschool. I saw the impact of being an Early Childhood Educator, the fun and possibilities with children when they are at this great age, and thought - this looks like fun! I'm a mum of two and in my free time I like arts and crafts, and wish I could travel the world!"
Marta Kocsis
Educator - 4 yr Group

"My encounter with Highvale started 25 years ago, at the beginning of my four children's preschool years.  They all attended here and loved it.  I was involved in the committee throughout my children's time at Highvale.
I have been a member of the teaching staff for nearly 20 years in various roles.  During this time there have been wonderful changes that have made Highvale what it is today.
During my time away from the Preschool I babysit my grandson, spend time with my family and friends, go to the gym and love to cook.
Pam Atkinson

"I started at Highvale in 1993 and am amazed at the transformation to the preschool over the years.
I have been with the 3's and 4's but currently do the administration with the occasional relief day. Away from the preschool I love to spend time with my family and especially my new granddaughter Isabella."

In compliance with Government regulations and our enrolment policy,

•  Three Year Kinder: Children must be 3 years of age on or before April 30 in the year of attendance. Children must have celebrated their 3rd birthday before they attend sessions.
•  Four Year Kinder: Children must be 4 years of age on or before April 30 in the year of attendance.

Educators will organise an orientation session prior to the child starting sessions. The child needs to attend this session accompanied by a parent/guardian.

All enrolments are managed by the City of Monash Council.

•  Applications must be lodged before June 30th of the year prior to the relevant year of preschool.
•  Council requires us to accept all Monash Residents before non-residents. (See our Enrolment Policy for selection Criteria thereafter).


Monash Council will email offers in July the year prior to attending. Once offers have been made and accepted, the council will inform Highvale Preschool of your acceptance and we will send you
all the required documentation.


You are welcome to come and see our centre but we request that you call and arrange a time so staff are free to show you all that we have to offer. During periods of high Covid and Flu, we will
require tours to be after the children have left the centre for the day. If you need to attend at another time you will not be able to enter the building just observe through our large windows.

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2024 Session Information 


3-4 Year Old Gumnut Group 


The Gumnut Group of 3-4 year old children will have a maximum of 25 children in the room at any one session. 

They attend for 12 hours per week over 3 days.


4-5 Year Old Groups 


The 4-5 Year Old Group will be divided into 5 groups.


  • PURPLE - 21 hours*/4 days per week
  • RED and YELLOW - 16.5 hours*/3 days per week
  • BLUE and GREEN - 15 hours per/3 days per week


* First 15 hours per week will be part of the Free Kinder Program

*Extra hours will be charged at approximately AUD $7 per hour


  • PURPLE - AUD 420 per term
  • RED and YELLOW - AUD 105 per term



Please Note:

All families have the option to only attend the preschool for the 15 hours free kinder.












08:30 - 11:30

(3 hours)

3-4yr Old Group


08:45 - 14:45

(6 hours )

4-5yr Old Group





08:30 - 11:30
(3 hours)

3-4yr Old Group


08:45 - 14:45

(6 hours )

4-5 Year Old Group





08:30 - 14:30
(6 hours)

3-4yr Old Group


12:00 - 4:30

(4.5 hours)

4-5yr Old Group





 12:00 - 4:30

(4.5 hours)

4-5yr Old Group





Photo Gallery
  • Family Disco Evening

  • Special Night Session - 4-5year old group

  • Incursions and excursions

  • Local area walks

  • Special Persons Day

  • Sustainability Program

  • Family friendly working bees

  • Responsible Pet Program

  • On-Site Health Assessments for our children
  • Dental checks
  • Speech Assessments
  • Maternal and Child Health (MCH)

  • We are a SunSmart Service and supply children with sun hats

  • Reggio Inspired Preschool

**We do not have a fund raising program.


Highvale Preschool is a community kindergarten that is run by the parents.

Being involved in the Committee of Management is a wonderful way of being involved in your child's preschool years. It offers you the opportunity to make a difference, make new friends and really understand how the preschool works. We understand that your time is valuable and "many hands make light work" so, if the management of the preschool can be shared amongst many, the better it will be. No special talents are required for most positions. If you would like to be involved as a member but are unable to attend evening meetings there are ways we can assist. Educators are available to assist any committee members throughout the year. Please consider nominating for the Committee of Management as the preschool cannot remain viable without parent assistance.

A honorary group, nominated by the parents, and elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year in accordance with the Constitution, copies of which are available on request from the preschool. The committee is responsible for all staffing, enrolments, finance, liaison with relevant government bodies and general running of the preschool.  Monash Council maintain the building. The committee of management meets once a month at the preschool.

The Monash Council own the building, but do not run the preschool, this is the function of the parents of children attending the preschool. We belong to ELAA (Early Learning Association). ELAA are available to the committee of management as a reference point for assistance in the governance of the preschool.
Joji - President
Shannon - Vice-President
Masoma and Oliver
(Shared Role)

OHS Rep.
Amy and Anne Marie
(Shared Role)

4 Year Old Group Rep
Kevin - Secretary
Mark - Treasurer
Sara and Vithiya
(Shared Role)

3 Year Old Group  Rep.
What Is Your Educator-To-Child Ratio?
The regulations state that we must have 1 educator to 11 children.
At Highvale we have:
•  4-5 Year old group has a ratio of 9 children per educator per session.
•  3-4 Year old group have 8 children per educator per session.

My Child Does Not Turn 3 Until After The Start Of The Preschool Year
All children must be 3 years old before than can attend the preschool. If your child has a birthdate in January - April, we strongly advise that you speak to the teaching staff about readiness for preschool. We
recommend that your child turns 4 in their 3 year old kinder year and 5 during their 4 year old kinder year.
Children are not able to have a second year of 3 year old preschool. They must move up to 4 year old preschool the following year, whether they are ready or not. A second year of 4 year old preschool is only
available if your child has at least 2 areas of delay.
Two full years of funded preschool school has been introduced as a best practice for children and starting throughout the year will not give your child the best start to their education.

Can I Enrol In More Than One Preschool?
No. You are only funded at one service. You will be asked to acknowledge that Highvale will be your funded service when you enrol.

Does The Preschool Offer Extended Hours?
We are a sessional preschool and our program hours do not allow for extended hours. Some of our 4 year old groups do have more than the 15 hours of free preschool.  These are set hours and fees are
payable for all hours in excess of 15 hours per week.  We do not offer long day care hours.

Does The Preschool Provide Lunch, Snacks And Drinks?
Parents are asked to provide healthy lunches and snacks for their child. Highvale Preschool have a "Water Only" policy and as such, children must have only water in their parent supplied water bottles. Families
are required to sign a Healthy Eating Acknowledgement when attending the preschool.

Does My Child Need To Be Toilet Trained?
Most children will have begun their toilet training by the time they attend 3-4 year old preschool and we encourage you to work on your child's training in the months prior to your child's attendance at Highvale.
We know that accidents do still happen. Teachers and educators will work with you and your child to achieve a positive outcome. Please send a change of clothes with your child in case of accidents.

My Child Cannot Speak Any English. What Should I Do?
Teachers and Educators are experienced in dealing with children who have English as a second language. We strongly encourage you to begin to teach your child some basic language skills prior to attending
preschool. It can be very upsetting for a child to be left with people they do not know and cannot communicate with.
Simple phrases can help relieve stress for your child and help us to comfort them:
•  Help me
•  I'm hurt
•  I feel sick
•  I need to go to the toilet
•  I need a drink
•  I am hungry Where's my bag?
•  I don't understand
We ask that you encourage your child to understand instructions such as
•  Cross your legs
•  Listen
•  Wash your hands
•  Wait
•  Mummy will be back soon
•  Put your hat on please
• Inside
•  Outside
•  Yes/No
•  Stop


Our Families section outlines how quality education and care is vital to your child's development and explains what the National Quality Framework means for you. It provides practical information so you know what to look for, what questions to ask and where to find answers.


For over 30 years Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA) has been working with parents and early learning providers toward a shared vision of excellence in early learning for every child.


Maternal & Child Health Centres and Enrolment Form.


Link Health and Community is a not for profit community based health service provider funded by the State and Commonwealth Governments. We provide an extensive range of medical, allied health, counselling and dental services, as well as health promotion and service coordination to the City of Monash and surrounding areas.


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